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  1. As principal at CHAMPS Charter High School of the Arts, I have had the opportunity to see EmoSocial work with our students. Mr. Scott Peterson came to the school to work with the AP Psychology class and the Sociology class. Both populations of teenagers eagerly jumped on the chance to not only investigate their feelings about various situations, but were enthusiastic about sharing this information with friends. The were excited and insightful…. what education SHOULD be!

    I have forwarded EmoSocial to our counselors to use when students come to them with issues of confusion and/or frustration with internal struggles or relationship problems with parents or peers.

    This is a wonderful way to engage students in exploring their feelings and sorting through the internal maze that follows the teenage years.

    I whole-heartedly endorse EmoSocial as a tool to help children understand their emotions as they become faced with the myriad choices of life.

  2. As one of the initiators of The Emotional Literacy Campaign in 1993 by creating the Foundation for Education and Emotional Literacy (FEEL) and http://www.feel.org to build a platform to address the need for emotional literacy in our children’s education I feel that EmoSocial will play an important role in the development of Social Emotional Learning. EmoSocial make EQ, self science and discovery easy and fun. The EmoGram process has the elements of Emotional Literacy that move the user to understand themselves and others leading to Good Decision making. I encourage you to give EmoSocial a try with your child and open up a new way of understanding, connecting and growing.  Ayman Sawaf www.aymansawaf.com, Advisory Board Member 6 Seconds, http://www.6seconds.org/about/advisory-board/

  3. Under training with Mindful Schools.org. I was proof reading my partner’s thesis and notice that what Scott is doing is to get kids to put their feelings into words and pictures.

    In the research journal – Lieberman and others,2007 – showed that 1) putting feelings into words might help reduce negative emotional response, and 2) it also provide an opportunity for self reflection and development.

    Great work!

  4. Research tell us that emotional intelligence should be a part of every child’s education. EmoSocial makes learning about emotions fun and easy. It’s one of a handful of programs that harnesses the power of technology to teach children in this important area.
    -Lawrence E. Shapiro, Ph.D., Author of “How to Raise A Child with A High EQ: A Parents’ Guide to Emotional Intelligence”

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