Welcome to the EmoSocial Blog

I’m happy announce that EmoSocial was introduced to the world at Nexus EQ a Conference held at Harvard University in June of 2013 www.nexuseq.com.  We received very positive feedback about the Journal’s EmoGramming process and decided to start this Blog as a way to get feedback and interact with people using the site. Please choose the Section above that best represents you and how you’re using EmoSocial. As the Blog grows we want people to have a place dedicated to share feedback with their peers, if that’s fellow parents, therapists, teachers etc.  I truly hope the Journal process developed in EmoSocial is a resource and tool that helps with your child, your students or clients whether personal or professional.  Look forward to hearing from you.


Scott T. Peterson, EmoSocial Creator, scott@emosocial.com